Trust Appointment Setters for Your Long and Short Term Marketing Efforts

Now Hiring StaffThe temporary staffing industry is an essential and effective solution for businesses of various niches and sizes. Hiring managers can turn to staffing agencies in a time of need to obtain highly recommended and well trained permanent and temporary staff to maintain workflow in the office. While the services provided by staffing agencies are a significant necessity to businesses, in many cases, marketing to their immediate and long term needs can be complex.

The Uncertainty of Day to Day Needs

Companies aren’t always able to plan their need for permanent or temporary staffing. As uncertain as kopa levitra life, things can come up without a moment’s notice;

  • Pregnancies – one of the top reasons businesses might need a temporary staff member is while someone is out on pregnancy leave. While these leaves are often planned, there are times in which the expectant mother has to stop working sooner than anticipated, or even stay out of work longer than planned.
  • Injuries – whether hurt on the job or outside of the workplace an injured staff member could be out for as short as a few days to as long as a few months.
  • Career Changes – while it is common courtesy for current staff to provide a few weeks notice for businesses, which does not always happen. If someone decides they no longer want to work for a company without providing notice, the position will need to be filled right away.
  • Budget Cuts – when a business begins to lay off staff because they cannot afford to keep them full time, they often resort to temp agencies as a means for getting work done at an affordable rate.
  • Influx of Work – If workloads increase or business is doing well; they could have a need for some extra hands on deck to get the job done.

All of these things affect businesses on the day to day basis which leaves a lot of potential business for staffing agencies, the only trouble is, that in most cases, staffing agencies aren’t able to capitalize on those moments because either the business is unaware that they exist, or the staffing agencies are unaware the business has a need.

Uncertainties Make Marketing Complex

Marketing services provided by a staffing agency requires appealing to businesses’ long and short term staffing needs. Without the help of trained professionals, recruiters within the staffing agency are left with the brunt of the work on getting businesses interested in their services. Common marketing strategies that would work for other industries aren’t always as effective for staffing agencies.

Email Marketing – Email marketing can be a very effective tool for getting the word out about your services and your brand. However, it takes a great deal of research and time to find the appropriate contacts, send out the email blast, and hope for the best. Business owners get hundreds of emails per day and thus can easily skip over emails sent out by staffing agencies –especially when the company currently has no need for staff at the present time.

Mailings – Staffing agencies often employ the tools of traditional marketing efforts that might include mass mailings. This might include mailing out brochures, post cards, or letters with information about services offered to businesses. While this might catch the eye of a few potential clients, in most cases the materials end up in the garbage if there is no immediate staffing need.

Appointment Setters Can Make a Difference

Investing in a highly qualified and well trained appointment setter can make all the difference in your marketing efforts as a staffing agency. They are able to assist in executing your marketing efforts by taking initiative and finding out where there is a need and how your company can fulfill that need. They can effectively do this in a sum of three steps:

1. Reach out to local businesses speaking only with those directly in charge of staffing (such as the human resources department or hiring managers) – going directly to the source is the best and most effective way to get results and secure clients.

2. Discuss what your agency does in brief and explain how those services would best benefit their business. – Sometimes businesses are not fully aware of your agency and all the services you have to offer. By allowing an appointment setter to briefly discuss the benefits it will help hiring managers to make an informed decision when it comes to their staffing needs.

3. Pinpoint the immediate and future needs of the potential client – Lastly they can find out what the clients’ needs are as it pertains to staffing. If the client does not currently have a need, the trained appointment setter can provide suggestions as to how they might use the staffing agency in the future….i.e. discuss impending maternity leaves, family medical leaves, or even impending promotions within the company that would leave vacant positions.

As you can see, appointment setters can make a great deal of difference in your marketing efforts in helping your sales team/recruitment department to enlist more clients on an ongoing basis. Those who have invested in a well trained and qualified appointment setting professional have found that they received more than a return on their investment. So if your portfolio of clients is a bit sporadic, consider hiring an appointment setter to spread the word.

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Derek Green is the Marketing Manager at Source Demand, Inc. Derek is passionate about pushing new services to market and gauging the publics response.

When not playing online, Derek spends his time with his family.

About Derek Green
Derek Green is the Marketing Manager at Source Demand, Inc. Derek is passionate about pushing new services to market and gauging the publics response. When not playing online, Derek spends his time with his family.