SaaS and Personalized Outreach: It’s Human Nature

Interpersonal interactions matter, and there’s nothing that establishes a connection to emotions and ideas quite like hearing another person’s voice. This “human touch” is especially crucial for SaaS firms, which consumers typically see as mysterious, or as existing behind the veil of technology, and can help them establish more meaningful connections with their customers. Compared to an email or other written message, phone calls have been found in two separate studies to not only improve business negotiations, but also improve the communication of emotions. When attempting to offer personalized outreach with new customers, the phone call can make a bigger impact on your audience, and help seal more deals in the long run.

Why emails lack a “human touch”

Emails have become the standard method of customer-merchant communication, and for many SaaS companies, day-to-day business with clients can often revolve around control panels and emails from account managers, rather than one-on-one phone or video calls. Personalized outreach is the preferred way to attract partnerships by seeking ways to customize conversations with new customers. Emails, however, can feel distant when they’re used for every part of a company’s process.

Another issue with personalized emails deals with the difficulty in understanding emotion in an email, as opposed to hearing someone’s voice over the phone. Without the tone and style of your own voice, a playful remark can be seen as hurtful or even offensive to a customer. A 2005 study in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology notes how these types of misunderstandings can unfold. An email read by two different people — both fully aware of its context — can elicit entirely different interpretations. Some may see the email as funny and witty, while others will identify it as sarcastic. Emails lack a certain agency for improvisation, and allow for less control over delivery, which can be dangerous.

Phone calls secure more deals

A 2008 study in Social Justice Research notes how personal phone calls can be more effective for general communication. This has to do with how people build more collaborative and cooperative conversations in phone conversations as opposed to email conversations. A phone calls is more likely to reveal each person’s personality, which in turn builds trust and motivates cooperative agreements, as opposed to competitive outcomes seen through emails, which lack that same intimacy.

All of this is key to knowing the best way to reach out to new customers who might become long-term partners. Source Demand can help your SaaS business show that personalized, human connection are possible with new customers. Unlike other firms, Source Demand associates provide that “human touch” in conversations with your customers, serving as an extension to your company’s reputation and brand. Using on-boarding phone calls, rather than emails, Source Demand will help your business stand out and convert mid-funnel leads without the trouble of hiring a new team to do so. Contact us to learn how we can take your outreach to the human level.

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