appointment setting for staffing agencies

Appointment Setters: An Effective Marketing Tool for Staffing Agencies

As businesses try to stay afloat, the temporary staffing industry offers an affordable solution through its many services. According to government reports the trend of temporary jobs has grown to almost 2.7 million. As new laws under the Obama Care Act have required that all businesses provide medical coverage for full time staff, that need for temporary staffing companies will …

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Looking For Customers

Quickly Increasing Sales Leads For Small Business

Generating sales leads can be an overwhelming task considering the variety of ways in which a business can go about it these days. Key questions that should be asked by those interested in generating new sales leads are: How big of a budget are you working with? What is the immediate availability of talent that you can allocate towards these …

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Indian Call Centre

Outsourcing Cheap Appointment Setters Is An Expensive Way To Generate Sales Leads

You are likely visiting this page because your company is searching for a new way to generate sales leads. The concept of generating sales appointments to fill your pipeline resonates well, and you’re tempted to engage appointment setting as a new strategy. After pounding away at Google, you realize there are a number of service providers offering outsourced appointment-setting solutions, and all are …

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