So much has changed in the last twenty years in the information, advertising, and media businesses. Who could ever have accurately fore­casted so much change in such a short span of time? You have survived where many other traditional media companies have failed. We believe there are two reasons your business has survived. The first is that your business has been innovative and has diversified your products and services. The second is that you have found a niche market. But the question remains—where can you find new business? Source Demand can answer that question for you.

Source Demand maintains a long list of clients spanning a complete spectrum of business types, models, and services. Our busi­ness is talking to people, evaluating their needs, and watching the trends. Wherever your media company sits in the wide arena of print, video, radio, and digital media, there are strategic partnerships to be forged and new clients to serve. Our personalized approach to appointment setting and lead generation will provide you with all the opportunities you seek. We work quickly, efficiently, and productively to maximize your gains, and we offer our services at a reasonable cost.

Source Demand facilitates strategic business meetings by opening doors to the right people. Source Demand will promote your advertising services to high-profile decision makers such as marketing directors, creative directors, sales manag­ers, marketing managers, general managers, VPs, CEOs, and leaders of the organizations that you want. At the same time, we can advise you on areas that you have not considered, including partnerships with online marketing companies, social media groups, event promoters, trade show advertisers, and other media companies and organizations looking for strategic partnerships.

In our years as a B2B lead-generating, appointment-setting company, Source Demand has seen much change in business, particu­larly in the area of marketing and advertising. These are just a few business sectors in which we have seen significant change and emerging new business models:

  • Print media companies
  • Tourism industry
  • Automobile industry
  • Retail, private and franchised
  • Real estate
  • Event promoters
  • Healthcare industry
  • Manufacturers
  • Trade show advertising
  • Sales promotion companies
  • Interactive advertising companies
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