Appointment Setters: An Effective Marketing Tool for Staffing Agencies

appointment setting for staffing agenciesAs businesses try to stay afloat, the temporary staffing industry offers an affordable solution through its many services. According to government reports the trend of temporary jobs has grown to almost 2.7 million. As new laws under the Obama Care Act have required that all businesses provide medical coverage for full time staff, that need for temporary staffing companies will only continue to rise. Surprisingly enough businesses are still struggling to keep a full team of staff while balancing their budget. Not many businesses are aware of the benefits staffing agencies can offer them, which is where Source Demand Inc. comes in.

Tapping Into the Need

For staffing agencies looking to capitalize on this rise in demand it requires significant marketing strategies to reach those businesses that may or may not know about what staffing agencies can do for them. While internet marketing strategies such as listing in directories, advertising on job posting sites, creating blogs, and sending out email blasts can make a significant impact on your clientele, setting yourself apart from the competition is what will improve business in the long run.

Appointment Setting

A tried and true marketing strategy that works well for business to business communication offline is appointment setting. The process works well in finding prospective clients based on their particular need which in this case is temporary staffing. Appointment setters provide the basics making it easier for your sales team to close the deal.

Not Your Average Cold Calling/Telemarketing

More than just cold calling or telemarketing strategies, appointment setters are targeting clients that have an individual need for your staffing services. Through proper presentation the appointment setter creates a platform for your business. Appointment setters that are highly trained are there to present your services to other businesses that may or may not be aware.

What This Means for Your Staffing Agency

Source Demand is committed to helping you jump start your staffing business this year by tapping into the unchartered territory with local businesses. By investing in our appointment setting services your business gets:

  • Brand Recognition – you would be surprised to see how many businesses are in need of temporary staffing but do not know where to turn. Our appointment setters are trained to point out the significance of your business and how it caters to their need. Even for businesses that are not in need of your services at the time, getting the word out there creates a name for your business.
  • Reach Potential Clients – Even though the world is all about technology there are some business owners that simply don’t have time to browse the internet or check every email they receive. Appointment setting is more personable in that they get to talk to a live representative and hear firsthand about services your agency has to offer.
  • Share Your Services – There are some businesses that may not be fully aware of all the temporary staffing services you offer. While clerical is most common, sharing that you also have temporary staff industries such as IT, accounting, and industrial can increase your target client list.
  • Receive Feedback – Of course not every business will say yes to your services however, obtaining feedback can help you to improve your services and increase revenue in the future.

Appointment setting has been an outbound marketing method that has been used by businesses in all industries. When partnered with the right appointment setting firm businesses stand to see significant growth in clientele and positive return on investments. Why not let Source Demand Inc. help you reach new heights by promoting your services while you focus on closing deals and improving business.

Derek Green is the Marketing Manager at Source Demand, Inc. Derek is passionate about pushing new services to market and gauging the publics response.

When not playing online, Derek spends his time with his family.

About Derek Green
Derek Green is the Marketing Manager at Source Demand, Inc. Derek is passionate about pushing new services to market and gauging the publics response. When not playing online, Derek spends his time with his family.